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Editable Jeopardy Betting Powerpoint (PTT) Game Template Download

Create customized ESL Jeopardy TV style games quickly with these templates. A great TV style game adapted for maximum fun learning in ESL classrooms. These games will give your ESL students more communicative practice. Try the free sample below to see how this game is set up or watch this video tutorial to learn how to play. - Watch Tutorial



Editable Olympic Jeopardy Betting Powerpoint (PPT) Game Template Download

Olympic Jeopardy is an adaptation of the TV Jeopardy Betting Game. But instead of money this game uses Olympic medals instead. Create customized ESL Olympic Jeopardy Games out of this template. Try the free samples to see how the game is set up. Watch this video tutorial to learn how to play.




Editable Taboos Hot seat PPT Game Template Download

This game gets your students communicating almost immediately. Our ESL PPT taboo game is a bit like the hot seat game with taboo words that students cannot use in describing other words. Challenging, communication-intensive and fun. Download this template and quickly edit to create customized taboo games for your class.Download the samples and watch this video tutorial on how to create your own games.



Editable Hidden Picture PPT Game Template Download

This game is brilliant for practicing vocabulary visually. It is also communicative as students take turns guessing what is under the colorful squares. Keep removing the squares until the final picture is revealed for those who made correct guesses to rejoice. Download this template and create customized activities for your classroom. Try the samples below to see how this game works. Also watch the video tutorial to learn how to create your own activities.


Printable ESL Games Templates



Editable ESL Crocodile Board Game Template Download

The Crocodile Board game is ideal for activities that you do not want to take too long. It is quite a flexible game whose rules can be changed to extend the game or add more language. In this game, you need dice and chips. Players roll the dice and advance according to the number that shows up. If they land on the crocodile, they go back to start. If they land on the monkey they jump to an indicated number. They use words in the game to make sentences, ask questions or do whatever language skill the teacher wants them to practice. See the samples below and download the template to create customized games for your students.



Editable ESL Football Board Game Template Download

This football game is ideal for activities that require students to collocate words and make sentences. It is therefore a great vocabulary and grammar practice game. Give your ESL/EFL students communicative practice while having fun. In this game there are CUE WORDS and MAIN TEXTS. Players try to combine a CUE WORD at the side with a MAIN TEXT in the middle to make sentences. It can be used to practice all sorts of language skills. Look at some samples here to see the endless opportunities for language practice you can have with this game. Don't worry! It is easy with our video tutorials.



Editable ESL Q and A Pirate Board Game Template Download

This game is called PIRATE because there are ugly pirate islands a student needs to cross to get to finish. Lucky ones will miss the pirate death lands. If a student lands on the pirate skull and crossbones square, they go back to start. This game can be used to add fun and get students communicating. There is a template which teachers can customize to create their own vocabulary and grammar communicative games.



Printable ESL Card Games Templates



Editable ESL Q and A Winning Cards Game Template Download

This game is a genius communicative idea. Bring a pack or more of playing cards to class. Each game must have 4 sheets that represent the four types of cards - CLUB, DIAMOND, HEART, SPADE. There are questions on each sheet that match the different cards on your playing cards pack. Paste the four sheets with questions on the four walls of the classroom (mind the short students- paste it at a legible height). Students line up and you quickly give them a playing card each. They quickly match the card to a question on one of the four sheets. For example if they have a card which is 8 SPADE, they go to the SPADE questions sheet, look for question 8, go and ask someone in the class and return to the teacher to report the answer of the student they asked and get another card. The winner is the student who got the most amount of cards from the teacher. Follow the links below to download the templates and also see samples of this activity. The video tutorial is for you to watch and learn how to make yours.



Editable ESL Round Table Card Game Template Download

This Round Table card game can be used to give extended fun vocabulary, grammar and listening practice. Laminate, cut out and take the cards to class. This game is ideal for small groups of five or six. More than this is chaos. If you have a large class, split them up into small teams, but that means you have to create more sets of cards. Deal out one card each to students who sit around a table. The reason they sit round the table is to try to avoid others looking at the others' cards. The students do STONE, PAPER, SCISSORS to begin. The winner starts. The winner looks at the word on the card and gives a clue to the word. The first student to guess and shout out the word gets the card from the first player. If two or 3 students guess simultaneously, the students do STONE, PAPER, SCISSORS. The winner keeps the card.If the card is questions card, the student simply reads out the question and the first to answer gets the card.The next player in line carries on by giving clues to their card for others to guess and the game goes on. When one round has been completed, identify the winner. The winner is the one who won the most valuable card. Paste the game rules somewhere for students to see. After one round, deal out one card each for the next round. At the end of the game, the winner is the one with the most valuable card. If you still have a hard time understanding the above literature, simply understand this game as a card game variety of hot seat. Download the template to create your own exercises rapidly.


Editable Power Cards - ESL Sentence Building Card Game Rules Sheet

This game gets your students communicating almost immediately. Power card game is quite easy to set up. Just print out the rules sheet, bring a pack of playing cards to class. Start by explaining the rules to students. Do a topic or grammar point you want to practice. For example if you are practicing past simple tenses, tell students each time they need to make sentences in the past simple to play each round. The verbs they use should be different each time- no repetitions. The Power or Command Cards are the cards that can be used to slow down other players. Deal out 4 cards each. Again a small group of maximum 5 and a minimum of 2 is ideal for the game. The idea is to lose all the four cards quickly by playing them on the board. If they student has command cards, they can use them to stop, slow down and interrupt the next player. By slowing down the next player, they can finish first and win. The JOKER is the worst killer card. dropping a JOKER makes the next player to go to the card bank and draw 4 cards - a SLOW DOWN strategy. The card 7 is the next slow down command card. It orders the next player to draw 2 cards from the bank. The card A stops the next player from playing a round. The card J is another power card that orders the next player to play a card type of your choice. It is a game changer. If I have a heart and which I want to get rid of, I can order the next player to play a HEART card type. When they play that I can then get rid of my HEART card type. SEE SAMPLES BELOW.

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If you are the type of person who prefers to have games on powerpoint or as printable handouts, we have been thinking of you. We offer board games, powerpoint games and more for the classroom and one to one teaching. They have made my lessons fun and I have no doubt yours will be fun too. Added to the good news are the templates we offer that you can use to create customized games for your classroom and teaching.

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Printable ESL Board and Card Games

We offer a variety of printable ESL board games and card games to help give your students lots of communicative practice. These games are in printable ESL PDF and MS Word formats. All of these games have been used in ESL classrooms and trust me when I say they work great. We have games like the Crocodile Board Games, Pirate Game, Round Table Card Game, Q and A Card Game, Power Cards and more games of our creation. Visit this page.